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Member Spotlight: Meet Michael Weishaus!

Updated: May 14

Say 'hello' to incoming ILEA RI President, Michael Weishaus, MS!

Michael is the Catering Director for FLIK Hospitality Group and the new President of ILEA RI for the 24/25 year. He joined ILEA as a student member back in 2017 and says he owe a lot to the organization.

"This organization gave me the connections and tools I needed to kickstart my career. During college I was offered many part time jobs with some amazing event professionals as well as full time jobs post-graduation in 2019.ILEA has always been a safe place to learn, network, and have a fun time. This organization has so many benefits beyond the standard ones you can read about. These members are the backbone to the industry and watching businesses and individuals lean on one another to grow has always been fascinating to me."

In college, Michael always dreamed of being on the ILEA RI Board, or even becoming president of this organization one day, and that day has finally come. Unfortunately due to the pandemic, ILEA RI is not how it used to be and we all can see that. Michael knows members who have been around for many years remember the days of 50 person meetings, hanging at a bar after a monthly meeting to continue networking, 100 person holiday and end of year parties, and educational components that had a lasting impact on your business. Michael's overall goal is to bring the days of pre-pandemic back to ILEA RI. He plans to challenge his Board of Directors to help him create meetings that have a purpose. He wants education and fun times to go hand and hand. Times have changed, new business have arose, there are new venues to see, and Michael wants to help connect it all for you.

"With all of that being said, the Board needs your help and support. We ask that you have trust in us and give us the chance to show you what ILEA really means to RI. Come attend our monthly meetings, help us spread the word of what we are doing, and be open minded about showcasing your business. If you are a current member let’s see how we can utilize sponsorships to show off your business. If you are not a member, come to these meetings and events to learn why so many professionals find great value in the organization.
Thank you everyone for this opportunity. Now lets party!"


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